» Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite

» Knowledge in AfterEffects, Dreamweaver, & Maya

» Marketing Flyers / Brochures / Mailers

» Newspaper / Magazine / Online ads

» Packaging Design

» Product Catalogs

» Pop-up Displays, Store Signage & Tradeshow Graphics

» DVD / CD Covers

» Logos / Icon Development

» Sports Desktop Wallpaper Maker

» Monthly Newsletter E-Blasts

» Knowledge in Emboss and Foiling Print Files

» Color Correction & Image Manipulation

» Proficient in MAC & PC Platforms

» Hands-on from Development to Press

» Adept in Meeting Multiple Deadlines

» Life Drawing & Watercolor Painting

» Uses Visual Hierarchy, Layout, Typography, and Color Effectively

Aesthetics (aes·thet·ics)
The branch of philosophy that deals with the nature and expression of beauty, as in the fine arts. I personally define aesthetics as beauty because of creativity. Not only to make things beautiful, but to make things work. When the eyes feast and the elements play, aesthetics becomes an entity you can actually feel and experience.